Sunday, January 1, 2012

Opening Up

Those that know me personally can attest, I do not open up easily, making the idea of blogging nearly laughable.  I hope you will all be patient with me as I attempt to open up my life and my art to you.  So let’s just dive right in.  My four month old daughter, having inherited her mother’s sass, has definitive expressions and much of my life now seems devoted to capturing them on film.  She has levels of “Pouty Face,” a name my husband termed for her particular brand of cranky baby expressions.  It can be a regular “Pouty Face” comprised of simple downward and outward turning of the lip or it can be the full blown “Super Pouty Face” which also includes a wrinkled forehead, angry eyes, and a rather interesting whiny noise before she goes into full blown meltdown mode.   In fact, not twenty minutes ago, my husband managed to capture one of these adorable angries with his camera phone while I tried desperately to stave off the mini-meltdown she was barreling towards.  As I made her smile, followed promptly by voluminous spitting up, I began to laugh and feel strangely inspired to share, odd considering how earlier in the evening I was fretting over having nothing to say.    Motherhood has come with its obvious joys and its obvious tribulations.  I have experienced significant creative block or inspiration at odd hours fueled by exhaustion and often forgotten before I could write it down or sketch it out.  There are also the few pieces I have managed to complete in between naps and bottle washing and laundry.   As I embark on the journey of trying to share my adventures in making while balancing motherhood, I seek inspiration and sleep.  I bid you all Bonne Nuit, as I am off to cuddle a baby who has been eagerly staring at me while I finish the first of my blogs to share with you, whoever you are.

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